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01 August 2006

And the rest...

Jesus H. Christ, Quarterback
The son of God can run and gun better than any living man and he'll score a touchdown for your sins. Bag of Skittles's playbook should jibe well with Christ seeing as he's the Alpha and the Omega. He'll read your coverage a week in advance and take a sack every once and awhile just for humility's sake.

Oh, I'm so tired. You know what? Yeah, this is lame, I'm going to stop now, or at least until football season starts. Talk about an abomination and an abortion. Sorry if you ever read this or the previous posts relating to my heterosexual fantasy dream team.


Blogger Math said...

I think Jeus is the perfect choice for QB. His leadership skills have been well proven - and what better motivator than a blistering halftime recorder solo?

I'd keep an eye on Bag Of Skittles though. He can't be out in the sun for more than a half-hour without getting all gooey and sticky. Is that the kind of offensive coaching you want on a dream team?

Blogger A.R.P. said...

The stuff of dreams is oft gooey and sticky. Bag of Skittles got mad play calling skillz though. Have you ever seen that shit when he made it rain Skittles? Good lord, bring me some of that on 3rd and inches.


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