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16 August 2006

Here is how it went down...

I just had a birthday. Yes, that's great, but what is even better is that I received a very special phone call on my very special day.

So I'm just relaxing in the splendor of my birthing's celebration and contemplating what to do next. The work day was completed, I had opened my gifts and, out of nowhere, my cellular telephone starts vibrating with urgency.

I picked it up, the phone, to hear my name shouted at me... it was Snakes on a Plane. It was calling me to tell me to go see it. The call, the most exhilarating call of my life, lasted one minute and 12 seconds. Maybe I'll see the movie, maybe not, although Snakes on a Plane did threaten me repeatedly in an attempt to coerce me into seeing it. What I'd really wanted to do was maybe meet up for drinks with Snakes on a Plane or just hang out, maybe play some laser tag, something.

Wouldn't it be nice to just once have a meaningful relationship with a summer blockbuster? Unfortunately it doesn't seem that Snakes on a Plane wants a relationship of any sort, not even a simple friendship. I tried calling back to no avail. My encounter with Snakes on a Plane was ephemeral, but the impression it made will last a week or so.

Despite the raised expectation, or razed I should say, it was one of the best birthdays ever. And there it is, as a member of the intertron blooger guild 354 (you think I come up with this shit for free?), my obligatory Snakes on a Plane post. The call actually happened and you're probably jealous. I would be had Snakes on a Plane not called me but called you.


Blogger BonBon! said...

See it with lots of booze . . . did I mention lots of booze?

I'm so stoked to have found your blog. I need shit to do when I'm 'working'. You know working.


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