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29 August 2006

I posted this shit ages ago...

I thought the internet killed this article, but it's still available online. Here's what I was like before God died and goth was only something I was mildly intrigued by... I added random pictures today. Please do not enjoy.

The Humans of Tomorrow Today
Homo Sapiens Fuelled by Splenda, Radiation - taken from rechargemag.com btw -
posted 3.3.04
By Adam Rice

It was when she said, “I’m such a moose” that I decided to pay serious attention. Being subjected to one-sided cell phone talk is nothing new for anyone with decent hearing living today. I was just starting my shift at the local book retailer when this lady’s conversation bade me listen. She listlessly shuffled through the diet section and plopped herself on the floor and continued to speak.

Cellular technology has been with us for about 20 plus years now. It’s hard to gauge its impact on civilization as of yet just as it was impossible for the Victorians to comprehend the impact of the telegraph on their culture. By being embedded in the digital age we are experiencing a sub-conscious revolution in our perception of time and space. Loved ones and strangers alike are just a pocket ring or mouse click away.

She confessed: “I mean I used to just drink and smoke constantly and not eat at all, sometimes I couldn't even engage, at least I was thin.” In the wake of abject depravity she developed an obsession with her diet. I was impressed by her psychotic discipline and depressed by the fact that she was actually a person speaking truthfully before my eyes and ears.

Mixing our current technological capabilities with the traditional human values of greed, pride, and vanity produces an avalanche of discourse, texts, and images. Humanity now has the quickest medium it has ever known to dispense products regarding its most mundane aspects.

“I had a couscous stuffed baked potato with juju tea for lunch today” she continued. At this point she unleashed the litany of diets she has subjected herself to in the past, I’m guessing, few years. There was the cabbage soup diet (which made her gassy), the grapefruit diet, the macrobiotic diet, the cranberry diet, the blood type diet (the O+ one), the south beach diet, and, of course, the Atkins diet.

While it is nice being connected to the minutia of others world wide, it is difficult for the individual to find solace. Humanity is relying less on face-to-face communication and more upon electronic interaction. Is that really fulfilling? It’s like having a cup of rice instead of an entire Indian lunch buffet.

“My boobs are out of control. I mean I wouldn’t have gotten the boob job if I knew that all my new fat would settle in my boobs” was the last thing she said that I could fit on my prized post-it note covered in quotes. We are absurd creatures.

We want to know that what we are doing in this life is not in vain, that our actions won't go unnoticed. It's this “want” that provokes the soccer mom to loudly proclaim, over the cell phone, what time Jimmy has practice, it’s what encourages the existence of Alf fan fiction on the internet, and it's what serves as the “inspiration” for the article your reading right now.

The world is opening up in new and unimaginable ways, but people are unlearning the skills of communicating in the wild daily. The high-tech options available to us can be more alienating that satisfying. Screaming babies lose to the humpty dance ring-tone on your phone, you might be dumped via text message, and face it: this computer cannot hug you at the end of the day.

We are not inexorably attached to our robotic appendages, although it is odd that I can’t turn off my cell phone for fear of missing something. Escape can be just as rewarding as being in the know. Loneliness will never exit anyone’s life completely. The only sure treatment is mindless or thoughtful preoccupation (e.g. blathering on the celly, typing bizarro articles, writing awful love jams for your sweetie, or developing a web-site devoted to malt liquor).

The human condition has remained the same for ages, but now we have a better medium to display and treat our neuroses simultaneously. Reality exists in our perception. If we can perceive the possibilities and limitations of our technological “progress” we’ll be better off, at least until hug-bot 86000g drops in 2006, yeah-yo!

There is a saying that can appropriately be considered a maxim and it states that you don't have to be alone to be lonely. I think I really like it because it’s brooding and goth, like me, and because it doesn’t imply that you have to be lonely at all. I’m not sure where I heard it first. It may be Buddhist, it may be from a Romantic writer/poet, or perhaps it is a poignant line in a brutal made for TV movie from the '90's. Regardless of where it came from it succinctly sums the individual human experience in society, modern or ancient.


Blogger Math said...

I really like, "I was impressed by her psychotic discipline".

Also, a hugging robot has already been invented. I own one.


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