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08 August 2006

Passion of the Booty Short...

Well, seeing as the scientists won and we now officially have the global warming, it's time to discuss something serious: how we can better adapt our bottom half to the rising temperatures. There is a discussion on the DCSportsChick's blizzog that ponders the very important question: "where did the booty shorts go?" Indeed, where are they now in our time of crisis? You conscious shoppers out there know that American Apparel, in all their expensiveness, offer you a boy booty short and a much more stylish girl booty short. Very attractive options for your lower portions, but a bit pricey. What of the Everyman?

Hello, New York and L.A. I'm talking to you primarily, there are many of us in this fine nation that cannot afford, nor maybe even fit into, your fancy booty short. What are we to do? While the affluent and the hip are enjoying the pleasure of ventilated privates, the vast majority of this great nation endures sweltering crotches and swampy taints. Enough! What will it take to get this decadent administration to make leisure wear affordable for all so that we may never bear witness to an "ass sweat stain" again?

I'm just looking for a little relief before the scientists start the cloning.


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