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15 September 2006

Swam into ken...

It has come to my attention, thanks only to rigorous research conducted on my own, I mean, somebody could've told me you know I love shit like this!, that there is, in fact, a new Police Academy movie in the works. This could come to theatre-based fruition by 2007. Were I woman and in panties they would be moister than a freshly sealed envelope. Since I am a man I have a big boner, throbbing with the knowledge that this full-length feature will not be released straight to VHS cassette or DVD, that Matt McCoy will yield the leading man reigns to Steve Guttenberg, and that the memory of David "Eugene Tackleberry" Graf will not go unserved. Throbbing. It is my goal to attend the formal opening of this magnificent film regardless of where it takes place, NYC, LA, Miami Beach, Moscow, wherever.

Have a great weekend.


Blogger Canadian Bobsled Champ said...


Another Police Academy...with Michael Winslow! Time to show those Reno pricks how real police work is done.

Blogger A.R.P. said...

It promises to be the best thing ever. Promises. Michael Winslow hasn't been doing anything for years just to get ready for this.

Blogger Attica Wolfcastle, Esq. said...

Panties moisted..... Check.

Take a look at this:


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