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13 December 2006

Taint the taste of it...

It certainly has been a while since some quality nonsense has graced this virtual space... and it will probably still remain that way for even longer. It's not that I don't appreciate the three to four people who enjoy what spews forth from my brain. I've been busy, you know what kind of biz I am capable of getting up to, so please don't hate. Bloggings will happen for us again one day... I know they will.

I'll be on TV tonight announcing the biggest loser and be sure to catch me in theaters this spring rubbing my crotch by your date's head. I will also be going back in time to 1992 Baltimore and appearing on the Greggo and Moe show on 98 Rock, mornings. Pre-pre-Kirk, Mark, and Lopez, bitches!

One love. One crazy eyeball. Joseph Hill, 1949-2006, please rest in peace and give Jah-Jah a kiss for I.

I stole this picture because it is amazing.