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13 December 2006

Taint the taste of it...

It certainly has been a while since some quality nonsense has graced this virtual space... and it will probably still remain that way for even longer. It's not that I don't appreciate the three to four people who enjoy what spews forth from my brain. I've been busy, you know what kind of biz I am capable of getting up to, so please don't hate. Bloggings will happen for us again one day... I know they will.

I'll be on TV tonight announcing the biggest loser and be sure to catch me in theaters this spring rubbing my crotch by your date's head. I will also be going back in time to 1992 Baltimore and appearing on the Greggo and Moe show on 98 Rock, mornings. Pre-pre-Kirk, Mark, and Lopez, bitches!

One love. One crazy eyeball. Joseph Hill, 1949-2006, please rest in peace and give Jah-Jah a kiss for I.

I stole this picture because it is amazing.


Blogger Attica Wolfcastle, Esq. said...

While it has been a blast to rest immediately upon Steve's shining face the last four months, I'm glad your game is back up.

Speaking of persons with only one eyeball... Have you been watching the White Rapper Show?!?

Blogger A.R.P. said...

I honestly don't know what a White Rapper Show is... but please rest assured that with my remaining moments in the office today Ima gone goggle that shit.


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