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06 April 2007

Cinematic Sadism

Let us go then, you and I, to sit in the Alamo Drafthouse for 12 hours straight. Let us bathe ourselves in the pungent aroma of bodies too long pent up in parents' basements and then pent up too long in a movie theatre where dining is sanctioned. Let us not feel the urge to poop.

Pray you don't neglect the bed sores on my ass, pray you recognize me when it is through. Pray they don't discover the fifth of Dickel stowed snug next to my dickel. Pray my dickel behaves when Kurt Russell is on the screen. He was amazing in Overboard...and Captain Ron.


Blogger Attica Wolfcastle, Esq. said...

For we went, and we sat... For many hours we sat while our bottoms lost feeling and our bladders set to burst anew.... And we sat while Quentin Tarantino demonstrated a massive, verbose, overly expository boner for himself.... But it was all worth it. For we fell in love with Kurt anew. How dare she not dance in his lap. How dare she.


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